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Welcome to the Central Fantail Club website!  The new site has been converted to a new platform and moved to a server that can accomodate new features such as video.


I encourage everyone to consider submitting an article to our Online Library.  The new library will provide members and non-members alike an opportunity to research and enjoy articles of interest about the Fantail pigeon today and in the past.  Please submit your articles to the Secretary/Treasurer in Microsoft Word or PDF format so they can be considered for inclusion in the Online Library.  Remember, the Online Library can only be as good as you make it so go back to your old publications and search for great articles or write one of your own that can be shared online in our library.


You will also notice a section called "Pigeons in Wartime", which includes a history page as well as a video showing pigeons being used in various wartime efforts.  On another page in this section you will find the pigeon war heros during that period that provide insight as to what an impact their courageous flights had on saving lives during wartime.


In January 2014, The American Pigeon Museum & Library had its Grand Opening in its new building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  This was coordinated with the National Pigeon Show that is presented by the National Pigeon Association.  During the NPA National, hundreds of pigeon fanciers from all walks of life visited the Museum and saw some of its vast pigeon paintings, exhibits, gifts and more.  The Museum Curator is Lorrie Montiero who has a degree in anthropology and expertise in museum curator experience.  The pigeon hobby is fortunate to have Lorrie as Curator of The American Pigeon Museum and Library!


As always, the membership application form is available on this site and we encourage you to join the Central Fantail Club.  If you're not yet a member, please join us and if you're currently a member, please renew your membership and thank you for your continued support!

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