History of the Fantail Pigeon

The Fantail pigeon is an ancient breed of pigeon whose origin is not completely certain.  India is believed to be the ancestral homeland for the Fantail, which eventually found its way to Europe through the hands of merchants.  The appearance of the Fantail during that period was quite diffeerent from th Fantail pigeons of today.  They had small scoopy tails, feathered legs and feet with crests and little or not upheaval of the chest when in motion.

It was only when the English and Scottish breeders began to refine the Fantail into a show breed that we began to see the modern style.  Though originally different, the English and Scottish types were blended to create what is called the Fantail as we know it.

During the 19th Centrury, breeders in the United States began to import them and the Fantail Fancy began in the United States and has become one of the most popular breeds worldwide today.

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